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Have you ever wondered if you're on the right path? Is your current job serving you? Does your relationship have have it takes to stand the tests of time? Tarot is a great way to bring forth answers, guidance, and validation. Tarot tells us what we already know in our hearts, what we should know in our minds, and what we are yet to understand fully. You can take a look into your past for greater understanding, an overview of your present for more control, and sneak peek into your future for what's to come. Tarot is all about our connection with the universe around us. It's about synchronicity. The cards you receive are the cards you were meant to see. They may not always answer our questions the way we want them to, but they always tell us what we need to hear. Get more information on each type of reading below. You will be contacted before your scheduled date requesting more information about your reading and it will be delivered to you by your selected time slot.

After you purchase your reading package, please make sure you schedule your reading here. Your appointment must be booked at least 24hrs in advance.


Basic Insight Package  A classic 3 card reading with photos of your spread, detailed interpretations of each card, and a concluding summary of how each card ties in together in your life.
Guidance Package A 6 card reading, building off of your first three cards, providing more guidance and understanding. This package also comes with photos of your spread, detailed description of each card, and an ending summary of how each card ties together in your life.
Premium Knowledge Package

A 9 card reading, giving you a more detailed understanding of the source of your issues and how to solve them. As always, this package comes with photos of your reading, detailed descriptions of each card, and a concluding summary. The purchase of this package also includes: 1 short complimentary follow up 3 card reading to be redeemed within one month after your first, and a 20% off discount for your next reading


I have been reading tarot for over 10 years, constantly learning and growing with my cards. I read both intuitively and also from interpreting the direct meanings of each card as they have been pasted down for hundreds of years. I'm a practicing Pantheist Lightworker with many Buddhist beliefs. Believing in the divinity of all things, living and nonliving. I'm here as a conduit of guidance and validation from the powers of the universe straight to you. I give advice through the cards with understanding and with a no judgement attitude.

All readings are done through email with images of your spread, each card, and detailed descriptions. It will then include a summery for better understanding of how all the cards connect with one another and your question at hand. I prefer not to do cold readings and require a question from you with as much information as you feel comfortable conveying - especially with online consultations. This helps us connect with one another and allows me to better help you through the cards. Do not feel thrown off by this request via stereotypes from movies and television, remember, tarot is about guidance and enlightenment not showing off one's own psychic abilities. My abilities come in by using my gifts to tap into the collective consciousness and interpret each card through my psychic intuition. I can do cold readings, but you will not get your money's worth with an online consultation. Essentially, help me help you. Your question can be as broad as, "Am I on the right career path?" or "What can I implement to bring more happiness in my life?"

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