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Here, you can request that we craft you a product specifically with your intention and magic in mind. You'll see a contact form below, where you will send us the details of your desired product. You'll first:
- Add the type of product to your cart
- Send us your details in the form below
- Proceed with check out.
After we are notified that you've checked out, we will then contact you so that we can further connect and create the best possible product for you.

Ritual Package

 1 Ritual Candle, 1 Personal Power Potion, 1 5" Smudge Bundle, + 1 vile of loose leaf incense.

Ritual Candle  A 6" white pillar candle blessed and dressed with organic herbs, crystals, color corresponding wax, + essential oils. 
Personal Power Potion A 1 oz base of jojoba and coconut oils with a concentrated blend of high quality essential and fragrance oils to be used in your work. Can be used on candles, around the house, and on the body.
Smudge Bundles Handcrafted for you with sustainability sourced white sage and organically grown herbs and flowers. Portions of the proceeds go to the Native American Rights Foundation.
Tea Magic 4 oz of organically grown medicinal herbs blended together as a drinkable potion for your spell work.
Ritual Bath An 8 oz blend of organic herbs, clay, salts, and crystals to aid in your spell work. 
Ritual Soap A 5 oz cubed bar of rich mango butter, shea butter, and cocoa butter soap blended with carefully selected essential oils, herbs, and clay to cleanse you of negative forces or shower you in blessings.
Loose Leaf Incense A 75 ml vial of selected herbs and resins to burn in your work.



- To keep the cost of custom work affordable, we work with the vast amount of herbs and oils that we already have available to us in our apothecary. If you'd like us to special order an oil or herb for you, we will have to charge you the difference from what you originally paid.

We do not create any products with the intention of...

1. Forced love work - meaning forcing someone to love you, have affection for you, or be intimate with you.

2. Sickness, Illness, or death

3. To bring any ill will toward another other than receiving the effects of their own karma. 



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