Tea Leaves - Green Tea, White Tea, + Honey - Divination Collection

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Tea Leaves fills any room with the aroma of freshly brewed tea. A touch of wildflower honey and bergamot rounds out the scent and gives the earthy tea a floral citrus note. This candle was designed to aid in your Tasseography. You may even find that you can read the leaves in the candle after it hardens.

Tasseography, otherwise known as tasseomancy or tassology, is the art of tea leaf reading. "Tasse" or "tass" is an Arab root, meaning small cup or goblet. Tea leaf reading is an ancient practice interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in the cup. In addition to the reading of tea leaves, the tradition of tasseography includes the reading of coffee grounds and wine sediments. Although tasseography is commonly associated with Romani fortune tellers, the tradition of tea leaf reading arises independently from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. Modern tasseography has also been associated with the Scottish, Irish and cultures throughout Eastern Europe. Tasseography can be a powerful meditative tool providing insights into the reader's subconscious. The signifance of symbolism in psychological study finds theoretical foundation from Plato through Karl Jung.

This large 8 oz alter candle is made with 100% vegan soy wax, comes with an incantation, and is dressed with protective Stinging Nettle.

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