Fortune Teller - Nag Champa, Green Apple, + Old Books - The Divination Collection

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Fortune Teller invokes thoughts of an open apple orchard with freshly turned ground where a band of travelers have gathered for the night. Their campfires providing them with warmth as they give tarot readings and consult the crystal ball for guidance.

Predicting the future has fascinated mankind for years and has been seen throughout history. Fortune telling is done under the belief that the universe has a pattern which one can use as clues to determine fortunes and events about a person’s life. There are many different techniques used in fortune telling which have dated back even before recorded history with evidence showing as far back as 4000BC.

Fortune tellers can be found all over the world and different cultures have formed their own practice. Predictive methods include astrology, numerology and using objects such as tea leaves and tarot cards or character analysis such as studying the lines on the palm of the hand. 

This large 8 oz alter candle is made with 100% vegan wax and adorned with small amethyst crystals. It comes with incantation on the front to help aid in your works of divination.



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