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Before making these, I had never really had a good black bean brownie before. They were always a little dry and uninspiring. But, alas, I found myself googling recipes for a batch when I was hit with a sudden craving for chocolate. I had recently changed my diet to better feed my mind and try to make smarter choices with sweets because of having a nasty problem with with Hypoglycemia. These brownies are an excellent swap because they’re packed with the proteins + fiber you need to slow down the breakdown of sugar in your body. This difference was something that...

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I was first introduced to Kombucha while vacationing in the backwoods of Maine. I was offered this lightly tan liquid poured from a ceramic jug by an older lady who was a family friend of a friend of mine. "Would you like some Kombucha?", she asked with the sweetest grin. My friend responded with a quick, "yes, please!" and I followed suit. I had heard of kombucha before, but knew very little about this mysterious (and expensive) "new age drink", as it's so endearingly categorized at my local grocery store. As it turned out, this woman was my friend's kombucha...

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