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When it comes to naturally treating an unwell mind, your greatest power that you hold is the ability to redirect your thoughts and behavior. This is not a gift that comes naturally to many of us with mental illness. We have to train our minds to correct themselves when we start having unhealthy thoughts. Much like you would positively redirect a child who has done the wrong thing. We use kind words to ensure that the children can be successful in doing the right thing - even though they are not currently. This redirection and sort of "being my own...

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I started reading and practicing the art of tarot at the age of 15. Reading tarot or other oracle cards is one part literal meaning and one part listening to your intuition. I am a heavy intuition reader and it was rarely failed me. As a mystic, I use tarot as a way to attune myself with the path that I'm on and for validation of feelings. I find that in my tarot readings, the cards often reveal things that the subject already knows - providing them with validation of their intuitive mind. There are times when the cards reveal...

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