Kitchen Witchery - Creating Magic with Food

Kitchen Witchery - Creating Magic with Food

What is Kitchen Witchery?

Among most people, Food is a common language of expression one's culture, identity, and need for togetherness. We create magic in the kitchen without even knowing it as we prepare meals for ourselves, friends, and loved ones. Kitchen Witchey takes this idea one step further by consciously infusing your dishes with prayers, spells, and good intentions. This mainly solitary practice is often passed down through generations from grandmother, to mother, to daughter - continuing a cycle of tradition, love, and divine craft. For the Kitchen Witch, the kitchen is the central focus of her path.

If you think about it, the kitchen has always been a natural setting for magic. First, you have your oven, invoking the element of fire. Your set of spices and herbs, which are necessary elements of the craft, brings forth the element of earth. The element of water, represented by your kitchen sink - a place to cleanse and start anew. The steam of a boiling pot manifests into the air. You complete this perfect union of the elements by offering your very spirit into the kitchen. Thus, completing the pentacle. Kitchen Witches use cooking as a means to honor their gods, goddesses, and pay tribute to the Wheel of The Year.

Here are 5 ways to embrace Kitchen Witchery and create magic with food...

1. Get to Know Your Spice Cabinet

As I'm sure you're realizing by now, your spice cabinet holds an entire arsenal of herbal magic. Make a list of the herbs you have and research how each one is used in the craft. You'll come to find that you have the makings for magic in each little bottle. Use these herbs with reverence and keep them in mind the next time you cook. You can also use these herbs to create your own magical tinctures, protective salts, and mojo bags. If you're lacking in the herbal department, your local Dollar Tree will be your god send.

2. Honor The Wheel of The Year

As a person who practices Kitchen Witchery, cooking and baking to celebrate the turning of the wheel is something I hold close to my heart. It allows me to bond with mother earth by using ingredients associated with the season and exploring recipes that have been passed down by pagans for centuries. With each Sabbat, we are given the gift of progression onto the next chapter of our lives. Cooking with the Sabbats allows us to create an offering of gratitude to the universe and our loved ones.

3. Focus on Homemade Cooking

When we cook with a lot of prepackaged foods, we're missing an opportunity to completely connect with our kitchen magic - thus making it a little less powerful than it could be. When you have the time, allow yourself to be as a part of the entire process as possible. Skip the boxed mix and spend some extra time really making sure that your intention and energy are being absorbed. 

4. Grow Your Own Food


Whether it's an entire vegetable garden or just a few herbs, growing your own food can increase the connection you have with your ingredients, thus making your magic more powerful. When starting from a seed, you are able to nurture your food from it's infancy - readying it from the beginning to be an instrument of your magic. 

5. Cast Spells Into Your Food, Girl.

I personally do a lot of my kitchen witchery when I'm making bread. As I knead the dough, shape it, and pull it, I'm folding in my good intentions. "May this bread feed my body with happiness, joy, and luck." Lets be honest though, bread brings my body happiness and joy without magic - but you get the picture. This is just a small example of what you can do. With your new knowledge of herbal magic and your spice cabinet stocked, there's nothing you can't do when you add a little sprinkle of intention.

Get cookin', Witches!


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