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For many of us, our very first exposure to the idea of magic is through fairy tales. Whether those fairy tales are in their Hans Christian Anderson form, The Brother's Grimm, or good ol' Disney, they all carry the same themes. Later in our adolescence, we experience our exposure to magic through books, movies, and TV of our own choosing. We see lightening bolts shooting straight from wands and witches doing magic with her pointer finger or even just with a wiggle of her nose! While these depictions of magic are really fun and entertaining - they are not real. They're grandiose...

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What is Kitchen Witchery? Among most people, Food is a common language of expression one's culture, identity, and need for togetherness. We create magic in the kitchen without even knowing it as we prepare meals for ourselves, friends, and loved ones. Kitchen Witchey takes this idea one step further by consciously infusing your dishes with prayers, spells, and good intentions. This mainly solitary practice is often passed down through generations from grandmother, to mother, to daughter - continuing a cycle of tradition, love, and divine craft. For the Kitchen Witch, the kitchen is the central focus of her path. If...

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